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Welcome to Indian Medical Association Hosur
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Welcome to the Hosur IMA (Indian Medical Association Hosur)


Indian Medical Association is the only representative, national voluntary organisation of Doctors of Modern Scientific System of Medicine, which looks after the interest of doctors as well as the well being of the community at large.


The founding fathers wayback in 1928, while struggling for liberation of the Motherland from British rule simultaneously felt the need of a national organisation of the medical profession. Before that, some members of the profession – a selected few – were members of the British Medical Association, which had opened branches in India to cater to the local needs. These stalwarts, ultimately succeeded in formation of Indian Medical Association and reached an agreement with the British Medical Association that they will have no branch in India, and got mutually affiliated, which relationship continues till today. Indian Medical Association in the year 1946 helped in organisation of the World body, namely, World Medical Association, and thus became its founder member. As an organisation it has been, and continues to play an important role in its deliberations. It hosted the III World Conference on Medical Education under the joint auspices of W.M.A. and I.M.A. in New Delhi in 1966. Today, I.M.A. is a well established organisation with it’s Headquarters at Delhi and State / Terr. Branches in 23 States and 9 Union Territories. It has over 1,78,000 doctors as its members through over 1700 local branches spread all over the country.



Promotion and Advancement of Medical and allied sciences in all their different branches. The improvement of public Health and Medical Education in India. The maintenance of honour and dignity of medical profession




Indian Medical Association was started in this historic town of Hosur in the year 1981.


It was started under the leadership of the founder President Dr. L. Byrappa, by the immense hard work of the founder Secretary Dr. Ghouse Khan.


Indian Medical Association Hosur branch was inaugurated by Dr. P.K. Kesavan of Thirupathur Branch.


Intially the total strength of Indian Medical Association Hosur was 18 Members. It has with stood the test of time and today it is a 125 members strong association.


Indian Medical Association in Hosur had faced rough weather immediately after its inception.


The thunder storm cleared and Dr. Chandra Bose the President of Tamilnadu State Indian Medical Association restored the high spirits in the hearts of all members. Since then Indian Medical Association has sailed smooth under the leadership and guidence of our "Senior Members."


We Salute the following members who have kept the boat sailing.

Dr.L. Byrappa, Dr. Ghouse Khan, Dr. Sridhar Shetty,

Dr. C. Kuppaiah Chetty, Dr.T.T. Shanmugavelu,

Dr. Gopal Reddy, Dr. I. Radhakrishna Murthy,

Dr. Ramaprasad, Dr. Gopal, MDS, Dr. Nagarajan,

Dr. Ramkumar, Dr. S. Balasubramanian,

Dr. A.M. Sivaprakash.